Established in 1989; this page is for victims of Christian Fellowship Ministries,. aka. Potters House, The Door, La Puerta, Victory Chapel, under Wayman O. Mitchell of Prescott, AZ- And though you may have suffered as a result of your experiences with cultic fellowship, I want you to know that there is Joy, Peace, Hope, and Life after Potters House. Jesus heals, and the greatest thing we can do after having gone through a Potters House hell is to press on in the faith as only Jesus our Lord and Savior can lead us, and to warn others of this dangerous group that many consider a cult. And this webpage is my statement about what a destructive religious group, or cult can do to one's life. For me it represents ten years of loss. Opportunities that came to me and I turned away to fulfil the aims and dreams of Potters House "headship." I was the first college educated man to be snared by this destructive group, and I put my future educational aims aside to serve their "headship." All the positive things I could have done with my life were turned down, and I look back at it with regret, and shame. Preaching on the streets for them, reducing my IQ for them (believe me it is easier to reduce IQ then raise it), all the while opportunity for advancement in life passing me by. I can say the same for many of those that I knew that were ensnared by Potters House doctrine. And after 9 years going on ten, when I finally questioned them, this group's "headship" kicked me out. My wife and baby daughter came with me. We met in this cult "church," and were married serving it in 1978, and remain married to this day. She has stood beside me ever since, and our marriage is the only good thing that came to us as we left this cult. I have since found that so many marriages fail when one leaves and the other stays.

The purpose of this page is to serve as a warning to anyone that is approached by members of this group. Question, seek the truth, and seek out the details outside of this group. Listen to what they say and write, look into what its many critics have to say. To waste 10 years there was for me a terrible loss, like being in prison during the best and potentially most productive years of my life. And those years cannot be replaced.

It is my sincere hope that you will follow the links on this webpage and not fall prey to this group as I have. And I hope that you will not listen to them, and that you will go on to serve God in a way that is productive as God would wish. And years later, you will have no regrets.

Kind Regards Steven R. Schoner. Email

Pressing on for Christ...


With the faith that there is indeed a Christian life after Potters House.

Follow these links to other resources on the Potters House, a.k.a. The Door, La Puerta, Victory Chapel and whatever name they go by.

Jesus said, "Ye shall know them by their fruits..." and this is only the beginning of my expose of their evil fruit. Are they a destructive group and or a cult? You decide...Click these links for but a fraction of their fruit. And remember to use the "BACK" button on your browser to return to this page.:

=>NEW DOCUMENTARY TRAILER! The Potters House is a Cult: Defending Historical Christianity


5i Phoenix Video text, KPHO TV Phoenix, Arizona. February 23, 2004 By Chris Hayes. Click the following banner:



Links and Articles: UPDATED: 11-27-19


=> 44 POINTS


Here is an excerpt from Slam the Door. The first post is one of condemnation against those that post against Wayman Mitchell's "Christian Fellowship Ministries INC." The two following are from ex-members who strongly differ in their opinons, and express it with very truthful sarcasm--

=> A revealing post from Slamthedoor and replies

Rick Ross's very extensive site dealing with Potters House and the Door--

=> Rick Ross's expose of Potters House

Apologetics Index, an exhaustive site dealing with Potters House and the Door with many great links on this cult.--

=>Apologetics Index

The Watchman Expositor site exposing Wayman Mitchell's CFM (Christian Fellowship Ministries)--

=> The Watchman Expositor: Index of Cults and Religions

MM Outreach expose of Potters House--

=> The Potters House

The following will shock and provoke one to thought, but it is a valid statement and one that must be considered after reviewing the pernicious doctrines of Mitchell's "Christian Fellowship Ministries". How would you see Jesus considering the doctrine of the Potters House? Click the following link to find out:



Potters House Law:

IRS Lien against the "Grace Fellowship Full Gospel Church" in Flagstaff, for its last months of involvement with the Prescott organization. (This page takes some time to load)--

=> IRS lien


UPDATE: Mr. Ken Haywood is now "pastoring" in Kingman, AZ. Those that meet him, or know him there and elsewhere should read these transcripts and take him to task for the lies that he made in Flagstaff Superior Court back in 1995 and after. Is he, or is he not "affiliated" with "Wayman Mitchell?" He certainly was then when he lied in court as he certainly is now, as was being proved when he was in India. The actual picket signs that he sued me and others over have come back to haunt him, exposing his lies to all in India and the world even to this day.



As presented by Chennai Television, August 19, 2008, this photo of Haywood is above the same picket signs he sued me for in 1995. His lawsuit full of lies has come back to haunt him with his face above the same signs. See the follging links for the expose'. (use backspace upon viewing to return to this page).

Kingman Daily Miner, August 2008

Indiamedia August 2008

AAGIRFAN Sept, 14th 2011

Just Google his name for the full story of his "adventure" in India. Now for those that wish to read his lies as they were presented in Superior Court, Coconino Co., AZ here are the transcripts. These are large files, so it is suggested that you copy them for reading offline. That Judge J. Michael Flournoy overlooked this man's perjury is amazing considering that it was so obvious.

Kenneth Haywood's Perjury June 6th, 1995

Haywood's Perjury in deposition, June 28th, 1995

Haywood's deposition objection hearing, June 28th, 1995

PROOF: Photographic images of official court transcripts


The picket signs entered as "court evidence" in the above mentioned case--

=> Picket signs


Potters House Satire ?

From SlamTheDoor. True or not?

After seeing this...



And reading "Returning Curses"... You decide--

=> CLICK THIS LINK From SlamTheDoor (use back button to return to this page:


Audio Clips:

The following link from SlamTheDoor, unlike the above tract is far from funny, for it exposes an alarming trend in the Potters House cult-- ADVOCACY OF VIOLENCE TOWARD THOSE WHO DARE TO STAND AGAINST THE POTTERS HOUSE VERSION OF THE "WORD OF GOD" AND CRITICIZE THEIR "WORKS." The first time I heard these files they gave me chills, and they still do... Click the following link to hear one of these extraodinary and hateful statements made over the Potters House pulpit. I assure you-- After downloading and listening to this-- YOU WILL HAVE CHILLS TOO-- If you wish to get the other wave files from a sermon given in Jan. 2001 send me an email and I will forward them to you:

=> POTTERS HOUSE "Evangelist" Mike Sawyer Speaks for VIOLENCE !


The following clip is from YouTube. This is The Potters House Door Cult at its best, and if you search YouTube for ""Wayman Mitchell" and "Potters House" you wiil find many other examples.

=> POTTERS HOUSE "Evangelist" goes on a rant for violence VIOLENCE !


The following files are blatant examples of Wayman Mitchell's "potty mouth." This is the "Headship" of Christian Fellowship ministries speaking and is from an actual sermon. Judge these with this Scripture: "But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips."- Colossians 3:8





=> POTTY MOUTH CLIP #3 from SlamTheDoor"


Potters House Video Programs:

EXCELLENT vintage classic video on Potters House from the late 1980's and into the 1990's. These, and other videos after reveal the mindset of those that get involved in such cults and what cults can do. In all these years they have not changed in thier ways.--

Having aired in December of 1992, this program exposed the Potters House on National Television. And brought to light the abuses that are the hallmarks of Potters House; an expose' of the Potters House not only in Massachusetts, but in Arizona. It deals with the means of abuse, and shady finances. Click the following link to download the entire series in a rm file, or you can see it on Youtube.:

=>BLIND FAITH: Download

=>BLIND FAITH: Youtube Part 1

=>BLIND FAITH: Youtube Part 2


This expose' of the Potters House often referred as "The Tucson Series" was aired in 1990 a month after the famous "Geraldo Rivera Show" first exposed the Potters House. This video exposes Potters House as it was and still is. Posted by Rhie Hari ( go to his Youtube page and you can see the entire series on his channel, or see all 5 here.:











The following is a three part series, airing in 1996 "The Struggle for Courtney's Soul." It is the shocking must see story about a 4year old girl abused by a Potters House pastor who dressed up as Satan and thrust her little hands into a bucket of blood with a beef heart in it to scare her.

A horrendous story of Potters House abuse, it is one that you will not forget. Posted by Rhie Hari, go to his Youtube page ( and you can see all the entire 3 part series or see it here.

In Three Parts:







RECENT video on Potters House up to this year. These, and other videos after reveal the mindset of those that get involved in Wayman Mitchell's CFM cult. In all these years since the first reports in the late 1980's they have not changed in thier ways.--



=>What’s It Like Being In A Cult? Part 1


=>What’s It Like Being In A Cult? Part 2


=>Cult Escape - My Experience in the Potter's House Christian Church / Wayman Mitchell


=>DOCUMENTARY TRAILER! The Potters House is a Cult: Defending Historical Christianity


My Story:


On January 6th, 2003 I was admitted into the Flagstaff Medical Center after having contracted a rare brain affliction. It nearly killed me. Here is my story:

=> Steve Schoner's Near Death Experience

One year after this horrendous thing that almost killed me, the Flagstaff Medical Center gave me slides that show my brain in thin section.

=> Slides


Postscript Addendum 12/18/03

This year has proved to be especially hard for my family. My dear mother died as a result of cancer on November 30th, 2003. Click the following link to see her and my eulogy to her given at the Scandinavian Mariner's Lutheran Church in San Pedro, CA on December 13th, 2003. Being that I am disabled, and in recovery, it was very difficult for me to speak to all those gathered that day.:

=> Eulogy to my dear mother.

Many more pages will be added in the near future, for the Truth must be told. This is my "life after" for there are other interests that I have fostered over the years. I am an avid collector of meteorites, and I have had numerous articles written about my endeavors. I am also a founding director of the International Meteorite Collectors Association. And the History of the Civil War as been a longstanding interest as well. And before I became ill I spent 14 years writing a book titled "Scarlet Fields" which is yet to be published. But now it is available in a pre-publication edition. But recently the study of the very rare demyelination condition that nearly took my life has occupied my mind as well. So you see one can indeed have a Life After Potters House. There is life after! Visit the following links, and also do a www search on my name, Steven R. Schoner, or Steve Schoner to see where my life is after. But first and foremost, believe in Jesus and be with Him allowing Him to take you through this journey which is this life.

After 16 years of work, and two years after leaving the hospital, I have finally finished my Civil War novel. It is now available, and if you are interested in Civil War history and a long novel regarding it consider this work. And after reading it, give it a rating. From this, I will either make a revision or establish it with an ISBN so that it will be available at and other booksellers.


And for some of my other interests see:

Meteorite Identification

International Meteorite Collector's Association

Come back soon....

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